Final Shopping 2010

Didn’t do anything besides house cleaning... took both of us, MoonFlower and I, all day!
As a result, we’re ready for welcoming new year now.

Since no major topic available for you, I’d better tell you of my last shopping in this year.

Yesterday, I picked up this pair on the way to the restaurant with MoonFlower.
Since last black pair was worn out and I discarded it... needed a replacement.

Black... not fancy brown... I stayed conservative in my choice. Hahaha.
Shoe style also very basic. Not really fancy like others that I possess.

Maybe, “back to the basic” is my concept for 2011???
The other day, I picked up black pair of glasses... This time, black shoe...
You know, how colorful I normally go. For instance, purple is my favorite color.

Maybe next year is going to be different from all others...

My Family's One Last Party in 2010

Not with anyone like friends... tonight it was strictly internal... just my family.
It means just between MoonFlower and I... hahaha.
Yeah, she finished last working day in this year and we went out afterward.

To her favorite restaurant in Chiba City tonight.

Fresh raw fish - SASHIMI to start wtih.

Fruit tomato... I do not even know that this is available in US... or other countries.

Menu board is much more organized than before. Hahaha.

Wine was selected by the owner of the restaurant for us.
MoonFlower knows him well for a long time and he is wine master.
Of course, it was a great choice.

Very light but yet pretty sweet. Just what we wanted then.

Oysters... MF’s favorite... I liked this dish much, too.

Beef crocket. Old-fashioned Japanese crocket... very good style.

Pork dish followed. We could have finished our dining here... but still continued for one more plate.

Pasta was the one last plate to come... my favorite.
I really love this Owner-made pasta dish so much. That was why we couldn’t finished with one last plate. Hahaha. This extra really helped me gain the extra pound or possible two!

Well, this dining was fun and surely tasty.
MoonFlower and I laughed so much to each other or together and time really flew fast.
One bottle of wine may not have been sufficient for two of us? Hahahaha.

Thank you, Year 2010!

Christmas Presents 2010

Any Christmas cannot be completed without gift-giving.
For us, MoonFlower and I, this one cannot be happening until today.

MoonFlower got these from me...

Georg Jensen... her favorite brand.

Dessert folks... bought her 4 of them (even only 2 shown).

Beautiful folks! With these, she completed the entire collection home.
We do not use knives and folks everyday. Rather, we use it for special occasion.

What did I got from her? Good question... Here they are:

This frame has no screws... very unique shape.
Lenses had to be ordered to the maker... so I have to wait for a while like 10 days or so to be ready.

No more Alain Mikli brand for me? Maybe so...
This is Japanese made.

No more colorful taste? Could be true...
The color of this pair is BLACK.

One more thing... this is for me.
I picked up in a department store...
I wanted to have something can hold my iPad... This is perfect size and good addition to my bag collection (?). Hahaha.

I bought this for myself.

Christmas Dinner 2010

Christmas dinner took place in a French restaurant...
This place seems pretty famous in this area... highly ranked in good local restaurant list.

France’s national flag is the sign...

Of course, I had reservation.

Very good handwriting... hard to read? Hahaha.

Took us about 2 hours to complete the course. Very good!
Really recommended.

Good Christmas dinner for sure... MoonFlower was also content... this is important!

First Home Party

MoonFlower’s friend is today’s guest... 1st guest to my home EVER!
Welcome! Hahaha.

Sort of Christmas party with her...
We opened the bottle of sparkling wine first.

Japanese Christmas... definitely chicken? Hahaha.

Red wine followed.

The guest brought a big fruit plate to us... this was so good!

Now, 1st home party is over... no more in this year...
How many to come next year??? Just wondering... you might be invited!