Ceiling Light in the Living Room

For living room, ceiling light is selected. That’s my choice.
Somehow, from my US experience, ceiling fan is a must.

All in white!

This is bigger than I thought. Hahaha.

Light is on! Yellow-ish light.

This was obviously over the budget... though, I really wanted the fan.
Yeah, in my current room, there is a black ceiling light with fan...

So you can tell that I am so crazy about this type of interior.

Only the regret... the budget... so I have to tighten it on something else to balance out.

Panasonic "CUBIOS"

First event at the new home is the setup of Panasonic “Cubios,” the system shelf in the living / dining room.

Before the work begins... nothing... very plain.

3 workers came to my home for work took a whole day...

Frame is done... half way.


Looks so cool!!!

Already Started Packing?

Already? Wait... when is the moving? Hahaha.
Well, the moving is scheduled on 26th... a week and half ahead or so.
Plenty of time... so I thought.

MoonFlower thought differently... she has started packing already.
I guess, the gap about how easy / difficult the moving can be.

I have lots of experiences about moving to different places from Japan to US, etc.
On the contrary, MoonFlower has none.

I probably need a couple of days right before 26th to be ready.
Well... however, today it is for packing. Hahaha.
You know, I should get along with all, right. You know what I mean?

Books and magazines... all business related... were take out of the bookshelf and put in the boxes.
In addition, all documents and textbooks from MBA programs were also moved.

Hmm, should I keep all docs from the school?
There are quite tons of paper and books... taking up lots of spaces for sure.

The question is... whether I am going to use some of those in future?
I keep them because I think “just in case.”

Does that kind of case really come up? Hmm.

My (tentative) conclusion is that I keep them for a while to see how tight the space for books can be in new house. Before the end of year, I should come to another consideration.

No other major events for the day...

Made a beer can open during the supper. Just one... no more than that. Hahaha.

Eggplants... very good stuff. I like them.
No meats for supper tonight. All healthy stuff. Must be good for me.

Usually, no beef dish at home... hahaha.

Lazy Boy

“Lazy Boy” is referred as sofa or couch... Although, this is myself today!
MoonFlower was out of town for all day... I have no “homework” assigned by her.

What does it mean? Totally free for me? Obviously!

I have been quite tired since working late almost everyday lately.
I had a great chance to sleep in.

What time got up? It was 8:00am!

Wait... how come? I was too excited for free time to sleep in??? Maybe so.

Didn’t do anything for all day long, though. I was just lazy.
I had lots of TV programs recorded... so I spent hours for watching those.

I think it was perfect rest just as needed for me.

MoonFlower came back home around 10:30pm... and I got back to normal pace of life between us.
“Reality just back on.”


Somehow, I was part of the volunteer work today.
Yeah, that was at client’s work... I was asked to participate.

Sure! With my pleasure! Hehehe.

I made two of those... “miçanga”
Don’t know how this called in English... let me look up...

Hm, cannot locate any answer quick enough...

Anyhow, this is a thread bracelet... you can wear it until your wish comes true. The good sign is that this bracelet gets worn out and broken...

This is volunteer work like I said... Means I submitted my work. I won’t wear those...

Cava - Drinking at Home

Mizu Manju ("Water Sweets")

My father sent me a box of Japanese sweets... very famous in my hometown, Ogaki.

“Mizu Manju”

These are very seasonal stuff... you can see them in Ogaki from late April till early September.
Surely, you do not want to miss it!

Yum yum... very good stuff.