BBQ Party

July Special Noodle

No big dinner tonight. Since MoonFower had previous engagement for the night, I had to eat out mysef.
No major plan for drinks, either. Thus, I dropped by my usual noodle place.

Now it is usual that I even order a glass of beer before noodle.
Meaning I tend to spend a bit more in this shop. Hahaha.

Didn’t choose my dish from ordinary menu. Instead, the noodle shop had July Special.
Here it is...

Cold noodle with lots of spices. I loved it!!!!

Too bad that It’s July Special.... thus, I won’t come to see this again since July ends today. Darn it.

Panasonic "CUBIOS"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Category: Shopping | Home

Everyone Eats Eels

Per old (traditional) Japanese calendar, today it is the day that we are supposed to eat broiled eels.
Well, there is no proper English description how this calendar works and why we eat them on this particular date.
The day for this is floating... so not necessarily the same day next year. Please be aware!

Broiled eel that I ate tonight. Surely, I didn't select the eel dish for lunch since I had a big "hunch" that MoonFlower was going to prepare eel dish for supper. Yep, I was so right!

This is Japan made... now lots of imports from China... there is a big price gap between them... Of course, Japanese one is still pricey.
Taste? Lots of people believe that Japanese one is better... I do no know since I have never compared them at the same time!

Tonight's reading... "the Basics of Logistics." Hahaha.

Wedding (Anniversay?) Gift

Birthday Flowers

My Sweet Home (1st Interior Check)

1st Wedding Anniversary

Finally... reached the 1st milestone.
After 365 days...

MoonFlower and I married on 7/20/2009... so today it is 1st anniversary!!!

Received some messages from close friends and family members for this celebration.
Thank you!!!

Of course, we didn't miss big dinner tonight. It were like MoonFlower's demand... hehehe.
Japanese dish and some sushi... very good stuff.


Sea urchin!!!!

Even after this, MoonFlower and I went out to drink a bit more... spending an hour or so in fancy bar...


Shiodome --> Ginza

Made it early morning today. Still last day of the extended weekend...
How come?

Big event was scheduled. Had a meeting with interior vendor about wall shelf.
Don't know what it is? Well, soon I will have pictures of it.

Late lunch took place in Shiodome... where we went for that meeting.

Korean BBQ - the vendor gave us courtesy coupons for this lunch. Thanks!!!
So it was free lunch.
Good food... this place should be pretty expensive.

After lunch, we walked through GInza area for "window" shopping.



Too hot to check any other places! No purchase made for sure. No doubt about it.

Came home right after that. Good enough walking and sweat. Hehehe.

Long weekend is now coming to an end... didn't do much... lots of small stuff... movie, dinner, window shopping...

Hot Stuff!

There is a famous restaurant for Szechwan food... not too far from home.
About 10-12 minutes walking distance.

Place called "Zeng Zeng" - 2nd visit for me.
Actually I insisted to go to dinner there to MoonFlower in the afternoon.
Really wanted to go and eat HOT STUFF today.

Yeah, the weather is really killing... we just finished the rainy season and the real summer just arrived!
So I need to have something really spicy. Hehehe.

1st dish

2nd dish... pork. First not that hot... then the mouth got heated up later...

Lots of chilies!
MoonFlower and I finished those three dishes with lots of sweats! Hehehe.

Japanese Pop Movie

"Odoru Daisousasen 3"

Japanese pop movie series... we checked today.
Usually lots of laughs... though, this movie wasn't as much funny as I thought it would be.
It was okay...


There were so many visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and US... for the workshop that I organized.
That was last week. Then, today, last person came to last day in Tokyo.

Here is the "special" lunch with that gentleman for his farewell. Tempura and Udon.
He will take off tomorrow afternoon for San Francisco.

Thank you for coming!!! I learned a lot from him and it was great opportunity to become knowing someone new.

Phew... all event is now called... FINALLY! Well, lots of tasks are still ahead... no much time for rest, though.

Today, it was long day. Particularly, 2nd half of the day... I went back to my firm's office for meeting which lasted like crazy!!!
Lots of new ideas and opinion came though the meeting... but no conclusion??? Well, it went okay, I guess.

All done around 11pm... LONG ENOUGH! Very long day. Tired.

Tag Heuer is Back!!!

One of my watch collection is back!!!
The battery was dead and now this gold-silver combination watch regains its life!!!

The service charge was rather enormous because of its water proof. Costed me 6,300 yen.
W/o water proof, it usually costs like 1,000 yen or so. See it's a big difference.

Thus, this watch was sent back to its maker's site for service.

Anyhow, so glad to get this back... 1st time in 3 weeks? Something like that.

Surely... no doubt that I will put this on my wrist for work tomorrow.

Japanese Movie, "Outrage"

Wait. Movie... on Monday?
Yeah, it was 11:30am... In the morning? Yeah, why not.

It was PTO or Paid Time Off. Comprende???
I took a PTO because I am allowed to. Hahaha.

So I went out to Kinshicho for this movie... I certainly didn't want to miss this one.
Why? This is Yakuza movie... Japanese Mafia.

Usually 1,800 yen for admission... but it was 1,500 yen for me.
"Opening session discount" - I translate. All admission for the 1st show of the day is discounted. Oh good deal!
I better go to see a movie when taking a day off like this. Hehehe.

I liked about this movie... All guys in the movie were REALLY bad, killing everyone. Well, all except one got killed!
So the question is... "Who gets the last piece?" Right??? Yep, that's right. That's it.

Do not trust what others tell ya... Do not count that in... Be calm and observe how things get developed.
Do no do stuff like you were told to... Promise is never kept....

Most importantly... "things get changed, actually keep changing."

So is project scope? Hahaha.

Sausages & Sparkling Wine!

Cava - yeah, Spanish pink wine!!!

Beautiful pink!!! Oh, loved it for sure.

Looking down from the top of glass...

Along with pink wine, the main dish is sausages??? Hahaha.