Deep-Fried Pork with Miso

"Chicago" and Korean BBQ

Koiwa Iris Garden

Home Dinner with Bourgogne Chardonnay

Join the Club & "Iron Man 2"

This letter just delivered... application form for home loan was enclosed.
Oh boy, I have to fill it out and sign... to owe big debt!

New Home Still Under Construction

Yeah, finally apartment building made its debut!!!

Somehow I was very calm about seeing this building for the 1st time. Why not excited? Hmm.
I knew what it would look like from the drawing and I felt like "came to real."
In other words, there was no surprise.

Anyhow, the completion date is still in the middle of August...
Probably I can take a sneak look at the interior sometime in July.


Yes, saw this movie... it wasn’t of my choice for sure. It was MoonFlower’s. Yeah, it’s girl movie, right?