X'mas Tree 2010

Tree is now up and set!

This is totally MoonFlower’s taste. Very simple, right? It is...
If I did all the decoration, that would be a big mess... lots of crazy color stuff on it. Hahaha.

Have you set your own one home yet? Are you going to?

Didn’t plan to... just happened to drink that bottle of wine.
Very rare for us to drink Japanese wine... Actually 1st time doing so at home? Guess so.

Taste? Well, MoonFlower originally bought that bottle for her cooking.

Very sweet... TOO sweet. Better keep it for cooking. Nothing more. Hahaha.

Change of Environment

You know, since my iPad purchase, things are dramatically changed.
Maybe you’re one of them like me?

I have to deal with numerous computers...

One from my firm. One more from client. My own MacBook Pro... and on top of those, I have iPhone4 and iPad.

This means that I have to deal with many different files for work and personal.
File and information sharing is the key for my management.

Thus, I heavily rely upon cloud services such as:

Google Reader (RSS)

If you do not know what those are... you’re behind!!! Hahaha.
You might want to google it for your understanding.

Among those, Google Reader is the one newly added to my devices.
I know, RSS isn’t that new technology compared to rest of others... plus, this “Website Ogakijin” offers RSS itself! How come this is new to me?

Well, I really thought that RSS wasn’t that beneficial to my kind of use.
I was wrong... WAY TOO WRONG until the moment that I started using this.

Daily basis, I check 80-100 websites of others for my entertainment, information, or whatever.
I usually open so many tabs of the browser to see what’s new in those...

RSS is the one for my kind of guy surfing the Net... but I was lazy enough not trying to see how it worked for me. Now, RSS is vital technology for me. Now my favorite sites keep growing... the list is no longer manageable without Google Reader. Hahaha.

iPhone4 screenshot

iPad screenshot

Yeah of course, am checking her out in new drama...
She’s so cute. Happy

Home Loan Hell

You all know that MoonFlower and I purchased new home and moved in back in August.
Yeah, new apartment... in Tokyo.

Since then, we have been suffered from the home mortgage like everyone else.
Today, one news kicked in...

APR is reviewed every half year and we just received the 1st notice... the result of 1st review.
Well, NO CHANGE at 0.875%!

Definitely welcome this fact for both of us... same (unchanged) burden on our (only my?) shoulders.
This is really good news!

You know, I suspect that APR would go up much in 5 year range. No way going down for sure.
Even it would go up... the raise shouldn’t be much.

You know, Japan’s Economy is no longer strong and won’t gain much in short period of time, either.
That’s why the rate looks really attractive!

Probably in US... home mortgage should be a bit higher... right?

Favorite Actress on TV!

Manami Higa - actress from Okinawa Island...
She is my favorite... very stylish with beautiful face.

I wish she were with me! Hahaha! BANG! (I’m dead.)

She was the guest to the afternoon’s talk show.
Invited by the guest on previous day and pass the baton to her friend showing up tomorrow.

So cute and pretty!!!
You know what? Made my day!!! BANG!

Will be in this weekend’s special drama... and also will play primary role in January’s TV drama...
Getting more and more popular for sure!

Last Shot in the Year 2010

Yeah, this is it! Like Michael... hahaha.
Today is national holiday... ok!

Friends and I got together for golfing today... Obviously, the last time for me to play in this year.

Rainbow HIlls Country Club is the stage for me to play today.

On the way to get there... rain... MORE THAN POURING... I would have thought about quit... but didn’t.

So... first half was against the rain.
Second half was against the wind...

The condition to play the golf wasn’t that favorable.

OUT 53
IN 49
Total 102

Almost 100!!! Maybe I can break 100 NEXT YEAR. Right? Let’s think that way...

Though, I do not know when to play next time... No budget from my household... will see how I can manage it. Hahaha.

Chiristmas Readiness

There was some meeting took place for all apartment residents... 1st general meeting.
Of course, I participated. MoonFlower slept in. Hahaha.

Meeting was interesting... there were lots of different opinions toward apartment management.
Some people insist that lowest cost possible... while others supports to maintain it at certain quality level.

Hadn’t worn this for a while... today, this was on my wrist all day!

This canned tea is very popular...
I have never tried and finally... this was pretty good!
No wonder that this takes some share of canned coffee in the country. I got it.

Bought this Christmas tree in IKEA yesterday.
No decoration yet. MoonFlower will work on this for sure. That is her job. Not (never?) mine. Hahaha.

More Christmas decoration in the home... more to come for sure. Hahaha.

Supper. Pasta with eggplants. Somehow I wanted to eat them... and asked MoonFlower to fix something.
So this dish came out. PRETTY GOOD!

2010 Beaujolais Nouveau

Finally (Already?) got a chance to drink this year’s wine... Beaujolais Nouveau!

Didn’t choose expensive bottle... rather cheap one. This is MoonFlower’s choice.

Simple label...

Today’s dish #1... seafood.

MoonFlower wasn’t proud of this dish #2 much.
It was great to me... don’t know why MF said so.

Promise was Promise!

Promise was promise and I kept it!

Before, I had a brief conversation with young fellow of my firm.

Ogakijin: “How come your tie is very simple and mono tone? Should put something vivid like mine.”

Young Fellow: “Oh, I will... but I do not know how to select... you should pick one for me, and then I will wear it.”

Ogakijin: “Sure, I will get you one.”

Tonight, he got a gift tie from me!!! Promise is surely kept!
You know what? I have a big regret... from this scene.

I should have found something much much more vivid like he wouldn’t able to wear it...
Well for that salmon pink tie, he really loved it.

Typical winter dish!!!

Consultants and friends... It was awesome! Happy

Someone else using iPad for her presentation

I finally saw the scene that someone else used iPad for presentation.
You know, I have done it myself for more than several times already... however, I have never seen anyone around myself doing such.

It has finally come.
Tobacco campaign girl was using this.

Maybe I can apply for that job as well?

Hot Pot ("Nabe") for Supper

Cold night requires hot (not necessarily spicy, though) dish for supper.
Don’t you agree? Hahaha.

Here it is!

Somehow this pot dish contains crab meat.
Where in the world did MoonFlower got such budget?
I don’t think I earn enough... BANG! Hahaha.

I bet that this side effect will emerge somewhere else... though, I have no idea at this point where the (spending) cut is going to be. I know, it’s coming... cannot tell when and how... and also HOW MUCH.

Oh boy.

Let me enjoy the food for time being and not concern much.
Let’s concern it all from tomorrow. Happy

Presentation to CEO

Today’s main task of mine... giving a (BIG!) presentation to my CEO.
Is this periodical reporting opportunity? No. There is no such in my firm. Hahaha.

Well, appointment was set for late afternoon. I made sure that I got back to the office early enough.
Preparation was okay... so I thought. 15 slides were produced for this.
Long presentation is not important. Rather, the clarity of message is vital.

My boss and I went in to CEO room.
I gave my presentation for about 30 minutes.
Overall meeting lasted for 1 hour or so.

Result was as expected... we got his GREEN LIGHT.
This means my December is going to be very crowded and I will be super busy!

Though, I found a couple of improvement points from my delivery.
One thing - clarity of message. It was fine... but I could have done it better for sure.
I believe that issue was about wording. It should be more direct and precise.

Another thing - distinction about internal and external concerns.
I outlined about the project with client’s concerns. I didn’t shed light on internal - my firm’s concerns much.
Audience is CEO... who is responsible for revenue, business development, and resource allocation of the firm! I should have given a focus on that more.

Learned a lot. Good learning.
I didn’t feel “intimidated by CEO” much. Hahaha.

Anyhow, today’s mission complete. Good to go! Let’s look at the bright side and worry about the other for next opportunity with CEO.

X'mas Decoration at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Land is our Sunday destination.
Weird? Hahaha. I know, MoonFlower and I aren’t big Disney fans.
Though, we went to this place at right timing... All over place, we could see lots of Christmas decorations.


Huge Christmas tree welcomes all guests. We lined up for photo shooting.

Lovely couple??? Hahaha.

MoonFower’s favorite tree found in the park.

Space Mountain... not ridden.

It’s a Small World.

Haunted Mansion - Holiday Nightmare was neat one... you don’t want to miss this for sure.

Big tree got light up. Different look.

It was a long day! Though, nice one.
We both enjoyed each other --- good company in a fancy place like TDL.
Didn’t spend much... but quality time. Happy

Home Wine - Italian Chanti