Finally? Already? The month of September is now ending... Oh boy, so fast and I hardly keep up with the pace of time!
Time does really flies!
Lots of paper work for me to approve from the project and my subordinates. Time and Expensive report submission, etc.

So the way to think about time...

Should I think like

Already 9 months over?
Still 3 months to go?

You know the difference, right? I'd better think the latter one so that I can find more positively about what needed to be achieved by the end of year.
You know what I mean? It is important to plan things well within given time. Make it productive as much as possible.

You know, my firm sets me a quota to meet within this fiscal year. Yes, I need to sell business... better say, "businesses" (in plural form).

So for given three months, need to plan carefully via AIDMA model... need to take the first step into "A" - Attention.
Need to take names from whatever the source of information available. Hahaha.

Back to old days... I used to sell LOGISTICS business. Selling isn't quite (?) my speciality... but I cannot afford any luxury and need to do that without bitching about it. Hahaha.

Since MoonFlower was working late in the office, I told her that I would pick up something to eat so that I wouldn't bother her for fixing summer for both of us.
So I ate favorite noodle place like old days when I was single.

Well, once MoonFlower returned home. Popped up a question to me... what kind of soup the noodle dish was.


I have no clue. I just ate. Seriously...
I told her that man sometimes doesn't really pay attention to what he is doing... (this was my excuse!) and she never bought it.
Is this usual thing happening to any married couple???

Please advise.

Controlling My Budget

Oh my god... I couldn't resist to that temptation...
Around 4pm, I wasn't that hungry... but I somehow wanted to grab some snacks.

This is quite rare... usually I don't eat between meals particularly while working in the office.

Today it was all exception. I dropped buy a convenience store and picked up a bread and milk.

JPY218 paid.

I spent another 900 yen for lunch and my spending for the day is summed up to JPY1,118.
Not much spending for single day? I think so.
This is still under my month budget. Actually, good control of it so far in current fiscal month for me!

Well, I could've done this better if not spent for snacks in this afternoon. Hmm.

What is the average spending money for husband of a household???
Allowance to the husband is common thing ONLY in Japan? Asia? Not in Western world???

Question needed to be answered...

Oh boy, someone sent me a meeting invitation for 9am tomorrow.
I usually come in to the office of client site around 9:30am.
That's why I often ask for peers to set up a meeting as early as 10am, not any earlier.

Hmm, no choice for tomorrow's case. I'd better suck it up and show up in the office tomorrow.

These were my supper... FISH.

Popular... Only in Japan???

I do not know if this is popular outside Japan or not. Can be... because it's not technology issue... if there is a certain level of demand exisits, business can be there.
What am I talking about?

-Scan the books and make PDF files
-Read those books in PDF files on iPad

In Japan, there are a number of vendors provide such services out there... at very cheap rate.
One whole book, say 300 page long, can be done for a dollar bill or two. Seriously. Service is totally depends upon how quickly the PDF can be yours and how many books and pages you request for such services.

Think about this way... if you have so many books in bookshelf... all those can be gone and you can use that space for something else.
I know, that's pretty much dream or imagination. However, you can take a huge book with you to anywhere you go. You can take more than several books or even more at a time!

Just tested one book and I will start reading... to see there is a future for doing this or not...
Can be better in Kindle for long hour reading? Do not worry, I won't spend reading for long hours. Rather, I do more often and repeat short reading sessions. Hahaha.

I probably keep doing this for all work-related books because good reference on-go.

My supper... it was late. I came home late --- that’s why.
I am usually very cautious about time to eat... 10pm is the limit... tonight, I had to make it exception. Oh my fault.

Still Organizing Stuff at Home

Still organizing stuff at home today. No outing. Good weather, though.
I should’ve gone out for doing something fun rather than this...

Setting up MacBook Pro is still in progress.
Lots of data have been lost as I have told you...

Funny thing is...

The information I didn’t want to lose... is not always needed. This is what I found from this experience.

I gave up on lots of previously-thought important data and files... I still don’t see major issues around from that.
It’s true. I can still live without them. You know what I mean?

Mother-in-Law fixed this Sushi for me... for us (MoonFlower and me)?
Anyhow, good stuff... I like Maki-sushi (roll sushi).

This piece of bread is baked by MoonFlower. Yeah, she did.
Is it for me? You’ve gotta be kidding me... hehehe. She went to school to learn it for herself. Hahaha.

Yes, it’s her BIG hobby - baking bread or cakes.

Dining table was delivered in the middle of afternoon.
Well, once set up... MoonFlower and I found a major scratch on brand new table...
Worth for claim... and the shop called me up immediately and happy to exchange it.


Bad thing is that they’re not carry large inventory and the type we want may not be available.
Will see how soon this is to be replaced. No rush for us, though.

Beautiful Tokyo Sky

Rainy in the morning... though, the rain didn’t last as expected.
Plus, deep blue sky showed up afterward... certainly it was good surprise!

I was so busy fixing PCs around... still spending all my free time for.
However, this moment was exception and that sky made me move and grab the camera right away.

Right view from the balcony.

Main view from the balcony (direction: south).

Left view from the balcony.

Don’t you think that this is so beautiful???


Reunion among friends tonight... took place in Ginza.
So happy to see many familiar faces... who used to work together for freight forwarding...
It was fun day then for sure.

Now almost all member who showed up tonight went to different workplaces and companies... so rare to see them all at a time. Well, tonight it was exception...

Crazy as usual? Too much drinks! Hehehe.

Last Try...

It’s Saturday... I made one decision. Simple decision.

Want: “Website Ogakijin” data to be recovered (worth 10-year diary!)
Condition: Hard drive dies. Target mode between old and new Mac computers was unsuccessful.

Decision: Ask for help to data recovery professional

So I went to Akihabara to look for that vendor.
(Actually, there are lots of such corporations in that region... hahaha)

I dropped by a company in old building... meeting room was SO small.
I described what happened and what I tried to do with that piece of machine.

Diagnosis began... and I was told that symptom is not good at all and that can be worst case.
Meaning that data will be recovered at high rate of charge.

How much???

About 400,000 yen... or 4,000 USD.

No way... so I gave up on this last plan.

Now it is clear that I exhausted all options.

New MacBook Pro Comes To Home

FInal answer... it is MacBook Pro.
I could’ve gone to cheaper MacBook... but I wanted it to be more stylish this time.
Thus, I secured extra several hundred bucks...

So far so good.
Now have to think about set up new blog, etc.

MacBook Suddenly Died...

Was it because of jealousy?
Bad news... awful news came to the reality tonight.

Confirmed fact... my MacBook, which has been in use since 2006 while I was at Thunderbird for MBA, is now dead.
Came to be true with huge hard drive crash.

Unfortunately, I do not have backup... lots of photos and personal data are now gone.
This includes all data of my past home page. Seriously? Seriously.

Well, now I’d better think about recovery plan.

Should I switch to Windows? If remaining a loyal Mac user, which model to replace died MacBook?

Surely no other way to recover the data from dead hard drive for sure???


iPad Comes To Home!

Wow, I made a big purchase today!
Why now? Why this?

Call me crazy! I was totally up to this recently.

Bought iPad 64GIG WiFi+3G. Now I can go anywhere with this.

Beautiful screen!!!

Now I have to carefully think what kind of scene to be best for using this.
I will study more about this piece of equipment...

So excited to have and use this anywhere I go!