My Family's One Last Party in 2010

Not with anyone like friends... tonight it was strictly internal... just my family.
It means just between MoonFlower and I... hahaha.
Yeah, she finished last working day in this year and we went out afterward.

To her favorite restaurant in Chiba City tonight.

Fresh raw fish - SASHIMI to start wtih.

Fruit tomato... I do not even know that this is available in US... or other countries.

Menu board is much more organized than before. Hahaha.

Wine was selected by the owner of the restaurant for us.
MoonFlower knows him well for a long time and he is wine master.
Of course, it was a great choice.

Very light but yet pretty sweet. Just what we wanted then.

Oysters... MF’s favorite... I liked this dish much, too.

Beef crocket. Old-fashioned Japanese crocket... very good style.

Pork dish followed. We could have finished our dining here... but still continued for one more plate.

Pasta was the one last plate to come... my favorite.
I really love this Owner-made pasta dish so much. That was why we couldn’t finished with one last plate. Hahaha. This extra really helped me gain the extra pound or possible two!

Well, this dining was fun and surely tasty.
MoonFlower and I laughed so much to each other or together and time really flew fast.
One bottle of wine may not have been sufficient for two of us? Hahahaha.

Thank you, Year 2010!

Christmas Dinner 2010

Christmas dinner took place in a French restaurant...
This place seems pretty famous in this area... highly ranked in good local restaurant list.

France’s national flag is the sign...

Of course, I had reservation.

Very good handwriting... hard to read? Hahaha.

Took us about 2 hours to complete the course. Very good!
Really recommended.

Good Christmas dinner for sure... MoonFlower was also content... this is important!

Ruth's Chris Staek House

You probably don’t know there is one branch in Tokyo... only one in Japan to be precise.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

I happened to get a chance to go there for dining tonight.
Man, steak was great... but

Onion rings are HUGE!!! I just had one piece... not whole dish.

I couldn’t have skipped the dessert... Cake gave me additional calories tonight.
Full stomach with maxed out calorie scale... man.

Interior of the restaurant... much better at “Lawry’s” even though cost range is much higher at Ruth’s.

Maybe I should give a big try to “Hooter’s” which is going to open 1st restaurant in Japan...
Cannot wait!

Presentation with iPad

Today, I came to use iPad on my presentation.
I didn’t plan to... it just happened.

Visual is “cool” to present to client
Easy to be understood

My finger was dried out... scrolling wasn’t that smooth
PowerPoint slides shown on iPad screen has small fonts... difficult to be read
Heavy file slowed iPad down

I can be better prepared for next time. Learned a lot.

For supper, I dropped by a new ramen noodle shop.

“Kurofune” (or *black ship*)

Ordered miso soup base noodles.

It was okay... very ordinary one.
Still my usual place, “Sawa,” is better. Much better. Way better. Hahaha.

I may go back once more to try soy-source base one... as last chance? Maybe? Hehehe.

2 more days to go for this week. Then, I come to US!

Hotel Seiyo Ginza

Ideal destination for the day was “IDEMI SUGINO,” a very famous cake shop.
However, it was closed when we got there by car. Hmmm.

I asked MoonFlower to come up with Plan B... and we decided to drop by a nearby hotel.
It was Hotel Seiyo Ginza for coffee and sweets.

The coffee lounge wasn’t full yet... when we got there at 2:30pm.
So we ordered cake set.

Montblanc cake... This was awesome! You don’t want to miss this if you come to this place.
I had the last one for the day... I had no hesitation and asked for the last one.
Made right choice.

After the Hotel, went to DIY shop for ordering some rack to be used in the storage.
Once delivered, I would have to build it up... oh boy... another trouble coming for sure.

Supper after taking bath.
Chicken and cucumbers.... appetizer. Could be the main.

Pasta... the last and final. Source was REALLY GOOD like MoonFlower could open a restaurant.
Loved it.
I should (will surely) ask her to fix this again so soon. Hehehe.

Knight & Day

Saw a movie... “Knight & Day.”
Totally misunderstood it as “Night and Day.” What a misunderstanding... Hahaha.

If you like Tom Cruise... you’ll like this for sure.
If you like Cameron... doesn’t bother you too much if you see this movie.

If you hate Tom... don’t even think about watching. Hahaha.

It is fun and somewhat crazy or unreal. I should say, this is mix of James Bond and Mission Impossible.

Dinner takes place at “Veicolo,” an Italian restaurant, for MoonFlower and me.
We hadn’t been there for quite some time. It is 3rd time visit for me.

Ate too much!!! Good food. Love pizza... like those. Happy

July Special Noodle

No big dinner tonight. Since MoonFower had previous engagement for the night, I had to eat out mysef.
No major plan for drinks, either. Thus, I dropped by my usual noodle place.

Now it is usual that I even order a glass of beer before noodle.
Meaning I tend to spend a bit more in this shop. Hahaha.

Didn’t choose my dish from ordinary menu. Instead, the noodle shop had July Special.
Here it is...

Cold noodle with lots of spices. I loved it!!!!

Too bad that It’s July Special.... thus, I won’t come to see this again since July ends today. Darn it.

1st Wedding Anniversary

Finally... reached the 1st milestone.
After 365 days...

MoonFlower and I married on 7/20/2009... so today it is 1st anniversary!!!

Received some messages from close friends and family members for this celebration.
Thank you!!!

Of course, we didn't miss big dinner tonight. It were like MoonFlower's demand... hehehe.
Japanese dish and some sushi... very good stuff.


Sea urchin!!!!

Even after this, MoonFlower and I went out to drink a bit more... spending an hour or so in fancy bar...


Shiodome --> Ginza

Made it early morning today. Still last day of the extended weekend...
How come?

Big event was scheduled. Had a meeting with interior vendor about wall shelf.
Don't know what it is? Well, soon I will have pictures of it.

Late lunch took place in Shiodome... where we went for that meeting.

Korean BBQ - the vendor gave us courtesy coupons for this lunch. Thanks!!!
So it was free lunch.
Good food... this place should be pretty expensive.

After lunch, we walked through GInza area for "window" shopping.



Too hot to check any other places! No purchase made for sure. No doubt about it.

Came home right after that. Good enough walking and sweat. Hehehe.

Long weekend is now coming to an end... didn't do much... lots of small stuff... movie, dinner, window shopping...

Hot Stuff!

There is a famous restaurant for Szechwan food... not too far from home.
About 10-12 minutes walking distance.

Place called "Zeng Zeng" - 2nd visit for me.
Actually I insisted to go to dinner there to MoonFlower in the afternoon.
Really wanted to go and eat HOT STUFF today.

Yeah, the weather is really killing... we just finished the rainy season and the real summer just arrived!
So I need to have something really spicy. Hehehe.

1st dish

2nd dish... pork. First not that hot... then the mouth got heated up later...

Lots of chilies!
MoonFlower and I finished those three dishes with lots of sweats! Hehehe.


There were so many visitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and US... for the workshop that I organized.
That was last week. Then, today, last person came to last day in Tokyo.

Here is the "special" lunch with that gentleman for his farewell. Tempura and Udon.
He will take off tomorrow afternoon for San Francisco.

Thank you for coming!!! I learned a lot from him and it was great opportunity to become knowing someone new.

Phew... all event is now called... FINALLY! Well, lots of tasks are still ahead... no much time for rest, though.

Today, it was long day. Particularly, 2nd half of the day... I went back to my firm's office for meeting which lasted like crazy!!!
Lots of new ideas and opinion came though the meeting... but no conclusion??? Well, it went okay, I guess.

All done around 11pm... LONG ENOUGH! Very long day. Tired.

Deep-Fried Pork with Miso

"Chicago" and Korean BBQ