First Home Party

MoonFlower’s friend is today’s guest... 1st guest to my home EVER!
Welcome! Hahaha.

Sort of Christmas party with her...
We opened the bottle of sparkling wine first.

Japanese Christmas... definitely chicken? Hahaha.

Red wine followed.

The guest brought a big fruit plate to us... this was so good!

Now, 1st home party is over... no more in this year...
How many to come next year??? Just wondering... you might be invited!

Love Expo

Friend’s wedding party... came along with LOTS OF SURPRISES for fun!
Please... this is very extraordinary and make sure that you do not believe that this is common practice in any wedding party in this country. Totally unusual!

Plus, this kind of wedding party results very costly... as you can easily imagine...

“Live Tuna Butchery” <- am not sure that this is proper English... Hahaha.
Better say, Live Fish-Cleaning Show???

They put the knife together into huge tuna... pretending like a wedding cake? Hahaha.

Good tuna dish over rice.

Official mascot.

Photographer must be drunk already... couldn’t even hold my camera straight... Hahaha.

Promise was Promise!

Promise was promise and I kept it!

Before, I had a brief conversation with young fellow of my firm.

Ogakijin: “How come your tie is very simple and mono tone? Should put something vivid like mine.”

Young Fellow: “Oh, I will... but I do not know how to select... you should pick one for me, and then I will wear it.”

Ogakijin: “Sure, I will get you one.”

Tonight, he got a gift tie from me!!! Promise is surely kept!
You know what? I have a big regret... from this scene.

I should have found something much much more vivid like he wouldn’t able to wear it...
Well for that salmon pink tie, he really loved it.

Typical winter dish!!!

Consultants and friends... It was awesome! Happy

Long Friday with Fun!

Friday... weekend is just around the corner!
Well, my Friday didn’t finish quite early. Rather, worked until 9pm or so.
This is because there was a training session... on Procurement.

This topic is somewhat relative to my topic, Logistics.

In fact, I have to give a training in two weeks and tonight’s training is right before mine in a series of Supply Chain Training at my firm.

The training was very interesting and there were 20-some consultants attended.
That means I should expect that many consultants coming to my training? Oh boy, that would be a nightmare... Hahaha.

Anyhow, after that training, went out for quick drinks.

Seven of us got together over drinks.
All familiar faces to myself... yes, they’re good friends.

Fun... because lots of laughters while having drinks like beer and champagne.

Started late like 9:30pm and made the last train for the day to go home... so only several hours... but full of fun for sure.
I should plan that kind of gathering after training for sure. Hahaha.


Reunion among friends tonight... took place in Ginza.
So happy to see many familiar faces... who used to work together for freight forwarding...
It was fun day then for sure.

Now almost all member who showed up tonight went to different workplaces and companies... so rare to see them all at a time. Well, tonight it was exception...

Crazy as usual? Too much drinks! Hehehe.

BBQ Party