Pro Secco Sparkling Wine

No guest home today... too bad because we had great food and drink! Hehehe.

This was really dry... I was okay with it while MoonFlower didn’t like this... much. Winking

Strawberries... surely go with sparkling wine very well.

Is this Thanksgiving coming home? Hahaha. This is BEEF, though!

Ate enough and drank too much... The alcohol really hit me and knocked me down...

X'mas Tree 2010

Tree is now up and set!

This is totally MoonFlower’s taste. Very simple, right? It is...
If I did all the decoration, that would be a big mess... lots of crazy color stuff on it. Hahaha.

Have you set your own one home yet? Are you going to?

Didn’t plan to... just happened to drink that bottle of wine.
Very rare for us to drink Japanese wine... Actually 1st time doing so at home? Guess so.

Taste? Well, MoonFlower originally bought that bottle for her cooking.

Very sweet... TOO sweet. Better keep it for cooking. Nothing more. Hahaha.

Chiristmas Readiness

There was some meeting took place for all apartment residents... 1st general meeting.
Of course, I participated. MoonFlower slept in. Hahaha.

Meeting was interesting... there were lots of different opinions toward apartment management.
Some people insist that lowest cost possible... while others supports to maintain it at certain quality level.

Hadn’t worn this for a while... today, this was on my wrist all day!

This canned tea is very popular...
I have never tried and finally... this was pretty good!
No wonder that this takes some share of canned coffee in the country. I got it.

Bought this Christmas tree in IKEA yesterday.
No decoration yet. MoonFlower will work on this for sure. That is her job. Not (never?) mine. Hahaha.

More Christmas decoration in the home... more to come for sure. Hahaha.

Supper. Pasta with eggplants. Somehow I wanted to eat them... and asked MoonFlower to fix something.
So this dish came out. PRETTY GOOD!

2010 Beaujolais Nouveau

Finally (Already?) got a chance to drink this year’s wine... Beaujolais Nouveau!

Didn’t choose expensive bottle... rather cheap one. This is MoonFlower’s choice.

Simple label...

Today’s dish #1... seafood.

MoonFlower wasn’t proud of this dish #2 much.
It was great to me... don’t know why MF said so.

Home Wine - Italian Chanti

House Wine... Bordeaux

Opened a bottle of wine...
Yeah, something needed for today... when the weather was awful since typhoon is around!

Plus, Japan Series (Japanese baseball, moron!) is now open today...
My favorite Dragons vs. Marines.

Perfect to watch the game with glass of wine. Hahaha.

2008 bordeaux wine tonight.

octopus dish...

some vegetables...

This cheese... tasted a bit funny... not French one??? Hahaha.

Farewell Dinner?

Supper was dinner... farewell dinner???
That was because I will be leaving for US...

I will make California and Massachusetts... sorry, NO Phoenix or North Carolina.
My trip is a bit longer than a whole week...

Wait. Am I going to Massachusetts? That means it will be pretty cold... I’d better be well-prepared.

So MoonFlower called tonight’s dinner as Farewell. Oh she must be happy to see me go or what?

She renamed it as “Good Luck” dinner later.

So wish me luck!

Hotel Seiyo Ginza

Ideal destination for the day was “IDEMI SUGINO,” a very famous cake shop.
However, it was closed when we got there by car. Hmmm.

I asked MoonFlower to come up with Plan B... and we decided to drop by a nearby hotel.
It was Hotel Seiyo Ginza for coffee and sweets.

The coffee lounge wasn’t full yet... when we got there at 2:30pm.
So we ordered cake set.

Montblanc cake... This was awesome! You don’t want to miss this if you come to this place.
I had the last one for the day... I had no hesitation and asked for the last one.
Made right choice.

After the Hotel, went to DIY shop for ordering some rack to be used in the storage.
Once delivered, I would have to build it up... oh boy... another trouble coming for sure.

Supper after taking bath.
Chicken and cucumbers.... appetizer. Could be the main.

Pasta... the last and final. Source was REALLY GOOD like MoonFlower could open a restaurant.
Loved it.
I should (will surely) ask her to fix this again so soon. Hehehe.

Fulfillment Training - Trainer

Wow... already closed out for application? Hmm.
Yesterday, my firm made an announcement about holding a training session next Friday.
What about it? Part of Supply Chain Management serious, it is FULFILLMENT.

Who is the trainer? Oh boy... it’s me, moi!!!

Today... around 3pm, the admin made a call... the session is fully reserved by many applicants.
Who are they? Young consultants in the firm... from consultant to manager.

What do you want to learn from me? My favorite color?
18 people are coming to take the session.

Is material ready? Of course not.

Am I ready to give a presentation for TWO and HALF HOURS??? Of course not.

Hmm... this is the worst.

I’d better spend this coming weekend (particularly long one until Monday!) for preparing myself and material.
Oh gee... this is a nightmare.

Supper at home. Beef and sweet potato. It was PRETTY GOOD! Happy

Red pen... not normal one. This is the pen for touch panel... like iPad.
Cool... very smooth writing on the screen!!! Cost 900 yen and got a free coupon for it.
Good buy for iPad user for sure. Still works great on iPhone, too.

Dinner with Wine

FINALLY --- the moment has come!
I am a big fan of Chunichi Dragons... a professional baseball team.

It came to a big pennant!!! Won the Central League Championship!!!

So there is a celebration taking place at home tonight.

Not champaign but wine, though. Hahaha.

Dinner is obviously Italian...
Did we go out for dinner? No!!! This is what MoonFlower fixes.

Followed by the salad. Small one.

Tonight’s wine... French.
Bourgogne wine... a bit more expensive than usual range of prices for wine.

Tastes really good!

Stil, ham...

Main... pork steak. Yum... really good.
MoonFlower bought Japanese one, not imported.

Finished the dinner with pasta.

I ate SO much... I was SO full. Hahaha.

Controlling My Budget

Oh my god... I couldn't resist to that temptation...
Around 4pm, I wasn't that hungry... but I somehow wanted to grab some snacks.

This is quite rare... usually I don't eat between meals particularly while working in the office.

Today it was all exception. I dropped buy a convenience store and picked up a bread and milk.

JPY218 paid.

I spent another 900 yen for lunch and my spending for the day is summed up to JPY1,118.
Not much spending for single day? I think so.
This is still under my month budget. Actually, good control of it so far in current fiscal month for me!

Well, I could've done this better if not spent for snacks in this afternoon. Hmm.

What is the average spending money for husband of a household???
Allowance to the husband is common thing ONLY in Japan? Asia? Not in Western world???

Question needed to be answered...

Oh boy, someone sent me a meeting invitation for 9am tomorrow.
I usually come in to the office of client site around 9:30am.
That's why I often ask for peers to set up a meeting as early as 10am, not any earlier.

Hmm, no choice for tomorrow's case. I'd better suck it up and show up in the office tomorrow.

These were my supper... FISH.

Still Organizing Stuff at Home

Still organizing stuff at home today. No outing. Good weather, though.
I should’ve gone out for doing something fun rather than this...

Setting up MacBook Pro is still in progress.
Lots of data have been lost as I have told you...

Funny thing is...

The information I didn’t want to lose... is not always needed. This is what I found from this experience.

I gave up on lots of previously-thought important data and files... I still don’t see major issues around from that.
It’s true. I can still live without them. You know what I mean?

Mother-in-Law fixed this Sushi for me... for us (MoonFlower and me)?
Anyhow, good stuff... I like Maki-sushi (roll sushi).

This piece of bread is baked by MoonFlower. Yeah, she did.
Is it for me? You’ve gotta be kidding me... hehehe. She went to school to learn it for herself. Hahaha.

Yes, it’s her BIG hobby - baking bread or cakes.

Dining table was delivered in the middle of afternoon.
Well, once set up... MoonFlower and I found a major scratch on brand new table...
Worth for claim... and the shop called me up immediately and happy to exchange it.


Bad thing is that they’re not carry large inventory and the type we want may not be available.
Will see how soon this is to be replaced. No rush for us, though.

Ceiling Light in the Living Room

For living room, ceiling light is selected. That’s my choice.
Somehow, from my US experience, ceiling fan is a must.

All in white!

This is bigger than I thought. Hahaha.

Light is on! Yellow-ish light.

This was obviously over the budget... though, I really wanted the fan.
Yeah, in my current room, there is a black ceiling light with fan...

So you can tell that I am so crazy about this type of interior.

Only the regret... the budget... so I have to tighten it on something else to balance out.

Panasonic "CUBIOS"

First event at the new home is the setup of Panasonic “Cubios,” the system shelf in the living / dining room.

Before the work begins... nothing... very plain.

3 workers came to my home for work took a whole day...

Frame is done... half way.


Looks so cool!!!

Already Started Packing?

Already? Wait... when is the moving? Hahaha.
Well, the moving is scheduled on 26th... a week and half ahead or so.
Plenty of time... so I thought.

MoonFlower thought differently... she has started packing already.
I guess, the gap about how easy / difficult the moving can be.

I have lots of experiences about moving to different places from Japan to US, etc.
On the contrary, MoonFlower has none.

I probably need a couple of days right before 26th to be ready.
Well... however, today it is for packing. Hahaha.
You know, I should get along with all, right. You know what I mean?

Books and magazines... all business related... were take out of the bookshelf and put in the boxes.
In addition, all documents and textbooks from MBA programs were also moved.

Hmm, should I keep all docs from the school?
There are quite tons of paper and books... taking up lots of spaces for sure.

The question is... whether I am going to use some of those in future?
I keep them because I think “just in case.”

Does that kind of case really come up? Hmm.

My (tentative) conclusion is that I keep them for a while to see how tight the space for books can be in new house. Before the end of year, I should come to another consideration.

No other major events for the day...

Made a beer can open during the supper. Just one... no more than that. Hahaha.

Eggplants... very good stuff. I like them.
No meats for supper tonight. All healthy stuff. Must be good for me.

Usually, no beef dish at home... hahaha.

Cava - Drinking at Home

Everyone Eats Eels

Per old (traditional) Japanese calendar, today it is the day that we are supposed to eat broiled eels.
Well, there is no proper English description how this calendar works and why we eat them on this particular date.
The day for this is floating... so not necessarily the same day next year. Please be aware!

Broiled eel that I ate tonight. Surely, I didn't select the eel dish for lunch since I had a big "hunch" that MoonFlower was going to prepare eel dish for supper. Yep, I was so right!

This is Japan made... now lots of imports from China... there is a big price gap between them... Of course, Japanese one is still pricey.
Taste? Lots of people believe that Japanese one is better... I do no know since I have never compared them at the same time!

Tonight's reading... "the Basics of Logistics." Hahaha.

Sausages & Sparkling Wine!

Cava - yeah, Spanish pink wine!!!

Beautiful pink!!! Oh, loved it for sure.

Looking down from the top of glass...

Along with pink wine, the main dish is sausages??? Hahaha.

Home Dinner with Bourgogne Chardonnay