Knight & Day

Saw a movie... “Knight & Day.”
Totally misunderstood it as “Night and Day.” What a misunderstanding... Hahaha.

If you like Tom Cruise... you’ll like this for sure.
If you like Cameron... doesn’t bother you too much if you see this movie.

If you hate Tom... don’t even think about watching. Hahaha.

It is fun and somewhat crazy or unreal. I should say, this is mix of James Bond and Mission Impossible.

Dinner takes place at “Veicolo,” an Italian restaurant, for MoonFlower and me.
We hadn’t been there for quite some time. It is 3rd time visit for me.

Ate too much!!! Good food. Love pizza... like those. Happy

Japanese Pop Movie

"Odoru Daisousasen 3"

Japanese pop movie series... we checked today.
Usually lots of laughs... though, this movie wasn't as much funny as I thought it would be.
It was okay...

Japanese Movie, "Outrage"

Wait. Movie... on Monday?
Yeah, it was 11:30am... In the morning? Yeah, why not.

It was PTO or Paid Time Off. Comprende???
I took a PTO because I am allowed to. Hahaha.

So I went out to Kinshicho for this movie... I certainly didn't want to miss this one.
Why? This is Yakuza movie... Japanese Mafia.

Usually 1,800 yen for admission... but it was 1,500 yen for me.
"Opening session discount" - I translate. All admission for the 1st show of the day is discounted. Oh good deal!
I better go to see a movie when taking a day off like this. Hehehe.

I liked about this movie... All guys in the movie were REALLY bad, killing everyone. Well, all except one got killed!
So the question is... "Who gets the last piece?" Right??? Yep, that's right. That's it.

Do not trust what others tell ya... Do not count that in... Be calm and observe how things get developed.
Do no do stuff like you were told to... Promise is never kept....

Most importantly... "things get changed, actually keep changing."

So is project scope? Hahaha.

Join the Club & "Iron Man 2"

This letter just delivered... application form for home loan was enclosed.
Oh boy, I have to fill it out and sign... to owe big debt!


Yes, saw this movie... it wasn’t of my choice for sure. It was MoonFlower’s. Yeah, it’s girl movie, right?