Someone else using iPad for her presentation

I finally saw the scene that someone else used iPad for presentation.
You know, I have done it myself for more than several times already... however, I have never seen anyone around myself doing such.

It has finally come.
Tobacco campaign girl was using this.

Maybe I can apply for that job as well?

X'mas Decoration at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Land is our Sunday destination.
Weird? Hahaha. I know, MoonFlower and I aren’t big Disney fans.
Though, we went to this place at right timing... All over place, we could see lots of Christmas decorations.


Huge Christmas tree welcomes all guests. We lined up for photo shooting.

Lovely couple??? Hahaha.

MoonFower’s favorite tree found in the park.

Space Mountain... not ridden.

It’s a Small World.

Haunted Mansion - Holiday Nightmare was neat one... you don’t want to miss this for sure.

Big tree got light up. Different look.

It was a long day! Though, nice one.
We both enjoyed each other --- good company in a fancy place like TDL.
Didn’t spend much... but quality time. Happy

Popular... Only in Japan???

I do not know if this is popular outside Japan or not. Can be... because it's not technology issue... if there is a certain level of demand exisits, business can be there.
What am I talking about?

-Scan the books and make PDF files
-Read those books in PDF files on iPad

In Japan, there are a number of vendors provide such services out there... at very cheap rate.
One whole book, say 300 page long, can be done for a dollar bill or two. Seriously. Service is totally depends upon how quickly the PDF can be yours and how many books and pages you request for such services.

Think about this way... if you have so many books in bookshelf... all those can be gone and you can use that space for something else.
I know, that's pretty much dream or imagination. However, you can take a huge book with you to anywhere you go. You can take more than several books or even more at a time!

Just tested one book and I will start reading... to see there is a future for doing this or not...
Can be better in Kindle for long hour reading? Do not worry, I won't spend reading for long hours. Rather, I do more often and repeat short reading sessions. Hahaha.

I probably keep doing this for all work-related books because good reference on-go.

My supper... it was late. I came home late --- that’s why.
I am usually very cautious about time to eat... 10pm is the limit... tonight, I had to make it exception. Oh my fault.

Beautiful Tokyo Sky

Rainy in the morning... though, the rain didn’t last as expected.
Plus, deep blue sky showed up afterward... certainly it was good surprise!

I was so busy fixing PCs around... still spending all my free time for.
However, this moment was exception and that sky made me move and grab the camera right away.

Right view from the balcony.

Main view from the balcony (direction: south).

Left view from the balcony.

Don’t you think that this is so beautiful???


Somehow, I was part of the volunteer work today.
Yeah, that was at client’s work... I was asked to participate.

Sure! With my pleasure! Hehehe.

I made two of those... “miçanga”
Don’t know how this called in English... let me look up...

Hm, cannot locate any answer quick enough...

Anyhow, this is a thread bracelet... you can wear it until your wish comes true. The good sign is that this bracelet gets worn out and broken...

This is volunteer work like I said... Means I submitted my work. I won’t wear those...

BBQ Party

Everyone Eats Eels

Per old (traditional) Japanese calendar, today it is the day that we are supposed to eat broiled eels.
Well, there is no proper English description how this calendar works and why we eat them on this particular date.
The day for this is floating... so not necessarily the same day next year. Please be aware!

Broiled eel that I ate tonight. Surely, I didn't select the eel dish for lunch since I had a big "hunch" that MoonFlower was going to prepare eel dish for supper. Yep, I was so right!

This is Japan made... now lots of imports from China... there is a big price gap between them... Of course, Japanese one is still pricey.
Taste? Lots of people believe that Japanese one is better... I do no know since I have never compared them at the same time!

Tonight's reading... "the Basics of Logistics." Hahaha.

Wedding (Anniversay?) Gift

Birthday Flowers

My Sweet Home (1st Interior Check)

Tag Heuer is Back!!!

One of my watch collection is back!!!
The battery was dead and now this gold-silver combination watch regains its life!!!

The service charge was rather enormous because of its water proof. Costed me 6,300 yen.
W/o water proof, it usually costs like 1,000 yen or so. See it's a big difference.

Thus, this watch was sent back to its maker's site for service.

Anyhow, so glad to get this back... 1st time in 3 weeks? Something like that.

Surely... no doubt that I will put this on my wrist for work tomorrow.

Koiwa Iris Garden

Join the Club & "Iron Man 2"

This letter just delivered... application form for home loan was enclosed.
Oh boy, I have to fill it out and sign... to owe big debt!

New Home Still Under Construction

Yeah, finally apartment building made its debut!!!

Somehow I was very calm about seeing this building for the 1st time. Why not excited? Hmm.
I knew what it would look like from the drawing and I felt like "came to real."
In other words, there was no surprise.

Anyhow, the completion date is still in the middle of August...
Probably I can take a sneak look at the interior sometime in July.