Final Shopping 2010

Didn’t do anything besides house cleaning... took both of us, MoonFlower and I, all day!
As a result, we’re ready for welcoming new year now.

Since no major topic available for you, I’d better tell you of my last shopping in this year.

Yesterday, I picked up this pair on the way to the restaurant with MoonFlower.
Since last black pair was worn out and I discarded it... needed a replacement.

Black... not fancy brown... I stayed conservative in my choice. Hahaha.
Shoe style also very basic. Not really fancy like others that I possess.

Maybe, “back to the basic” is my concept for 2011???
The other day, I picked up black pair of glasses... This time, black shoe...
You know, how colorful I normally go. For instance, purple is my favorite color.

Maybe next year is going to be different from all others...

Christmas Presents 2010

Any Christmas cannot be completed without gift-giving.
For us, MoonFlower and I, this one cannot be happening until today.

MoonFlower got these from me...

Georg Jensen... her favorite brand.

Dessert folks... bought her 4 of them (even only 2 shown).

Beautiful folks! With these, she completed the entire collection home.
We do not use knives and folks everyday. Rather, we use it for special occasion.

What did I got from her? Good question... Here they are:

This frame has no screws... very unique shape.
Lenses had to be ordered to the maker... so I have to wait for a while like 10 days or so to be ready.

No more Alain Mikli brand for me? Maybe so...
This is Japanese made.

No more colorful taste? Could be true...
The color of this pair is BLACK.

One more thing... this is for me.
I picked up in a department store...
I wanted to have something can hold my iPad... This is perfect size and good addition to my bag collection (?). Hahaha.

I bought this for myself.

Bit Lot in Inventory

8 bottles of what???
Wine and sparkling wine... Wait. Who in the world consumes this much?

Are MoonFlower and I expected to drink that much for year-end?
Probably not!

So who has been invited over?

Chiristmas Readiness

There was some meeting took place for all apartment residents... 1st general meeting.
Of course, I participated. MoonFlower slept in. Hahaha.

Meeting was interesting... there were lots of different opinions toward apartment management.
Some people insist that lowest cost possible... while others supports to maintain it at certain quality level.

Hadn’t worn this for a while... today, this was on my wrist all day!

This canned tea is very popular...
I have never tried and finally... this was pretty good!
No wonder that this takes some share of canned coffee in the country. I got it.

Bought this Christmas tree in IKEA yesterday.
No decoration yet. MoonFlower will work on this for sure. That is her job. Not (never?) mine. Hahaha.

More Christmas decoration in the home... more to come for sure. Hahaha.

Supper. Pasta with eggplants. Somehow I wanted to eat them... and asked MoonFlower to fix something.
So this dish came out. PRETTY GOOD!

Fulfillment Training - Trainer

Wow... already closed out for application? Hmm.
Yesterday, my firm made an announcement about holding a training session next Friday.
What about it? Part of Supply Chain Management serious, it is FULFILLMENT.

Who is the trainer? Oh boy... it’s me, moi!!!

Today... around 3pm, the admin made a call... the session is fully reserved by many applicants.
Who are they? Young consultants in the firm... from consultant to manager.

What do you want to learn from me? My favorite color?
18 people are coming to take the session.

Is material ready? Of course not.

Am I ready to give a presentation for TWO and HALF HOURS??? Of course not.

Hmm... this is the worst.

I’d better spend this coming weekend (particularly long one until Monday!) for preparing myself and material.
Oh gee... this is a nightmare.

Supper at home. Beef and sweet potato. It was PRETTY GOOD! Happy

Red pen... not normal one. This is the pen for touch panel... like iPad.
Cool... very smooth writing on the screen!!! Cost 900 yen and got a free coupon for it.
Good buy for iPad user for sure. Still works great on iPhone, too.

Dining Set is Ready

Hi, folks!
I am quite happy to let you know... the dining set (table and chairs) is now set at my home.
Look at this:

So cool!!! I loved it.
MoonFlower actually did the all selections... surely she did a great job!

Last Sunday, the table was delivered... but another one is delivered today to replace the 1st one.
Somehow, we found several dents on the 1st table. Must be damaged on the way to this place.

Shop didn’t ask any question and ordered another one for us.
So today, the deal is finally complete.

This time, the condition was great. No complaint.

I found a great deal... a new movie coming up... it was of Wall Street.
“Wall Street” the movie from 80’s is one of my favorite for sure.
I even have copy in my iPad / iPhone!!! Hahaha.

Now, Wall Street 2... Gordon Gekko is back (actually from the prison)...
So cool... cannot wait to see that movie.
This is sure thing. Happy

New MacBook Pro Comes To Home

FInal answer... it is MacBook Pro.
I could’ve gone to cheaper MacBook... but I wanted it to be more stylish this time.
Thus, I secured extra several hundred bucks...

So far so good.
Now have to think about set up new blog, etc.

iPad Comes To Home!

Wow, I made a big purchase today!
Why now? Why this?

Call me crazy! I was totally up to this recently.

Bought iPad 64GIG WiFi+3G. Now I can go anywhere with this.

Beautiful screen!!!

Now I have to carefully think what kind of scene to be best for using this.
I will study more about this piece of equipment...

So excited to have and use this anywhere I go!

Ceiling Light in the Living Room

For living room, ceiling light is selected. That’s my choice.
Somehow, from my US experience, ceiling fan is a must.

All in white!

This is bigger than I thought. Hahaha.

Light is on! Yellow-ish light.

This was obviously over the budget... though, I really wanted the fan.
Yeah, in my current room, there is a black ceiling light with fan...

So you can tell that I am so crazy about this type of interior.

Only the regret... the budget... so I have to tighten it on something else to balance out.

Panasonic "CUBIOS"

First event at the new home is the setup of Panasonic “Cubios,” the system shelf in the living / dining room.

Before the work begins... nothing... very plain.

3 workers came to my home for work took a whole day...

Frame is done... half way.


Looks so cool!!!

Wedding (Anniversay?) Gift