China (Day 3): Guangzhou

Another day... same early bird!

Chongqing Airport... another cold airport for me.

No surprise about today’s move???

No so fast, folks... Today’s airlines gave me a big choice for breakfast...

Water or Coffee... this is big choice! Hahaha.

Plus, big bag of cookies. So many pieces within... I couldn’t even finish half of it!
Is this usual thing for air traveler for this particular airlines???

Last hotel in this trip... concluding free upgrade to Suite Room. Wow!

King size bed with big work table.

I surely don’t need this... no make-up for me.

Too large... this mirror.

No luxury time for me to take a bath with night view of Guangzhou (Nan Hai).

I bet that this is first time for me to eat soft-shelled turtle... YUMMY!

Pig’s ear... I don’t think I had ever had before... Hahaha.

Pie... of “King of Fruits” - Durian! Must be first time for me as well.
Smell was surely strong even from this pie... but I liked it! Happy

Another blue LED-lit Christmas tree at the hotel lobby.
Okay, everything is done as per plan.

Met lots of Great Chinese people... surely the image of business in China is part of my reality for now.
Totally away from the one coming out of the politics. Hahaha.

Every one of those I met over this time... was very sincere and decent people. Happy

China (Day 2): Chongqing

Made it very early morning... I was so sleepy!

Wuxi Airport seems nice... but COLD... air condition wasn’t that effective.
Everyone was wearing the coat... but me! I did have my coat... in my suitcase.
Why not putting on? Good question.

Well, I presume that I would be outside in cold weather for limited time during the move.
Airport and aircraft... I thought that it would be all right. Not quite in fact!

Even made me walk outside from terminal to the aircraft like that!!! Hahaha.

Like Lost Cost Carrier (LCC)???, the space between seats was so limited. Made me feel very tight.

Noodle... not that kind of what I like... couldn’t finish this dish.
Cucumber was yet big... Hahaha.

Japanese poster in the office that I visited... where all Chinese people work.
All Chinese capable for Japanese language in business!

Hotel room... another great living space provided. Very nice! Roomy!

Too bad that I spend just a night... just come here to sleep... no more than that.

Another blue LED-lit Christmas tree at the hotel lobby. Blue for Christmas tree is common in China?

Chongqing is famous for hot pod... Very spicy... but very tasty!

Night view of Chongqing... very nice.

China (Day 1): Wuxi

Boston Career Forum: Day 2

Now Day 2... the Boston Career Forum.
Yesterday:s statistics are here...

3800 students looking for job were here yesterday!!!
Oh my god! Tons of them... more than I really thought.

Below is the list of school mostly represented.

Waseda? Keio? Sophia? All flew from Japan to look for job... Gee.
Never thought that I would do the same. Hehehe.

Too bad that I do not find many T-birds... of course not!

Very few schools from Southern. Only Duke on this list...
What about William & Mary, Univ. of VA, Ga Tech... Not popular among Japanese students?

Boston Career Forum: Day 1

My first experience - the Boston Career Forum.
I spent so much time in US, never looked for job via such forum.
Maybe I should have done so for better career???

Never know...

Funny thing... I am now at recruiter side... representing my firm to give interviews.