BKK Trip: Cabbages & Condoms

Believe it or not… called "Cabbages & Condoms."
It is a Thai restaurant… quite famous and surely for foreign tourists.


Very open and a little bit exotic… right?


Many of interior were made with condoms… then, why "Cabbages?"

This restaurant is managed by organization promoting the AIDS aid & extradition campaign. That's why.


Very good Thai food.


Basil is my favorite!!!

Merry Christmas!

Funny but true… am on my way to Bangkok tonight.

Merry Christmas! It is very merry christmas.
Though, I have to pack and go to airport.

This time, it is from Haneda Airport and I will catch the red-eye flight to BKK.
Wow, tough and still rough schedule ahead. Hmm. Cannot complain enough!

Anyhow, I hope every one of you do have a great christmas with loved ones and families.

X'mas 2011

French dinner is our Christmas dinner between MoonFlower and I this year.
Wait. Wasn't it the same last year??? Yes, absolutely! Hehehe.

French cuisine is definitely the favorite of MoonFlower's… so we had no doubt and go for it.

Since I have to leave for Bangkok tomorrow, 25th… our celebration of Christmas 2011 came one day earlier. Hahaha.


Full french dinner course for two.





Good bread! House made.










Good food… better say excellent food doesn't need to come with word or explanation.
Pictures can tell you all by themselves, right? I guess so.

It was fantastic time for both of us. No complaint whatsoever.

After good food, good entertainment followed.


Probably, this is the last movie to see in this year…
It was surely (!) - Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Great day. Thank you!


Don Perignon! - First time ever in my life…

Don Perignon 2002!!! Famous vintage!
You know, I have never ever got any chance to drink this champagne… truly.

I saw a big discount in the online shopping mall early in this month and bought one for this Christmas.
Today, time to open this precious bottle.


It was purple label! My favorite color, right? Yes!


Too bad that we do not have any champagne glasses home. I know, it is on our (shopping) list.
Well, we have to compromise the atmosphere with cheap wine glasses. Hahaha.

So the taste? It was GOOD. I love this kind of champagne

To be frank… I still prefer Moet & Chandon to Don Perignon. I probably won't buy another DP myself.
Surely, I do not mind to taste it with you at the bar! Hahaha.

Anyhow, DP… sounds so good and luxury!

Have I ever promised?

Have I ever said anything like

"I have done with Alain Mikli" ever before?

Here is my Alain Mikli Collection...


If done so… I MAY have to take it back…

Sounds like a girl doing such, right? Hahaha. OH I'd better take it back!!! Winking