RED 2 - One Last Move in 2013?

Didn't want to miss this movie…
Though, I found that it was about the end of roadshow.
Per theater's timetable, not many chances around anymore.

Thus, I rushed into movie theater at night… to Ginza!


The one I wanted to check out was "RED 2."
This seemed to be fun movie from the casting list.

Full of fun with big laughs!!!
Love this kind of movie.

NO BRAIN needed… simply it that. Happy

2013 X'mas!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

Spanish Lladro's year ball 2014 - bought on Monday.
Now part of the collection.



Since the marriage - 2009, the collection of the year balls is on-going.
Now collection of 6 balls, already, up to 2014.

Without my notice, this has been part of our family's tradition. Hahaha.

One question still remaining… why Japanese people do buy thing for 2014 now?
I do not think that it is a problem to buy the year ball for 2014 at the same time around next year.
Hmmm, not sure why.

Any clue?

Montblanc Notebook

Pretty notebook from Montlanc.
Came to me as Christmas gift? Maybe so!
Good Santa is still out there!!! Happy



Pretty notebook it is!
Not sure for what purpose I will use this notebook…
Though, I will find it out soon.

This is not for sale.
Must be novelty goods.

2013 Christmas Dinner

Lots of good foods… all day long!
Christmas celebration started at Conrad Tokyo Hotel -
Restaurant called "cerise" - same place as last year!

It was good one last year; so we try this year again.
Not making our tradition at this particular place for every Christmas, though.


Late reservation made us sit near entrance rather than window-view side.
Didn't matter to us much.
1st drink was Champaign. No doubt about that.





Good dinner for sure.
Right volume for both of us. Not too much… not too less. Just good.

MoonFlower made a small remark that she would like to go to Mandarin Oriental Tokyo for next Christmas.
Restaurant called "Signature" - sounds French and expensive… is it?

Walked from Shiodome to Otemachi - quite bit of distance.
It was just because we didn't end up with what we want for Christmas present.
Neither of us get one… at least today.

Then, celebration continued home after all.


Another bottle for the day!





Still lots of sweets available to choose from!
Full of good… wonderful foods for today.
Yes, it was just our Christmas.

And this is closing moment of extended weekend. Great time!

Delonghi Oil Heater

Not used for years - 1st time since moved here.
Meaning 1st time for 5 years or so.
Really? How did I get the heat in the apartment room???

Good question. Hahaha.

Today, Delonghi oil heater came out of the storage.
Turned on a while ago to keep the living room warm.
Very good stuff!!!


Really forgot the fact that I like oil heater. Good stuff it is!

Paul Smith Watch with New Battery

Now, new battery in my Paul Smith watch!
Got a call from shop who told me that repair has completed.


This is my cool purple watch!
Yes, I like purple - but doesn't mean that I am gay.
Please note that I am DARN FREAKING STRAIGHT. Do not think any other way, moron! Hahaha.

Anyway, this watch is must item for me when coordinate my fashion in purple.
Like tie, cufflinks, eye ware, etc. Then watch must accompany, right?
Sure it needs to.

This is 1st battery replacement since purchase.
4 years? 5 years?
Not sure how long this is under my procession. Precious one for sure!

MoonFlower bought me this for either Xmas or birthday… yes, important. Happy

Year-End Party and X'mas

Still celebration saying goodbye to 2013 is on going!!!
Tonight it was among friends - Amy, Takashi and his newly-wed wife.
Two nights in a row for me to eat chicken dishes… perfectly fine!

Festivity lasted longer than several hours.
Perfect night for all of us… though, didn't miss the last train for the day. Hahaha.
Not sure how much drinks for me then…

Still memory is clear… just didn't want to count how many.


This key case was the Xmas present from Amy.
Thank you!!!
It was cool gift from her for sure.

She is always very thoughtful of others like this.
Very sweet lady.
Just too bad that she's taken! Hahaha.

Great friend for sure.

Yes, it was all my treat for 4 of us tonight!!! Happy

Say Goodbye to Old Tie

Now one tie is off from my collection.
J-Crew tie it is…
Just worn out… really.

After using 15 years or even longer!



This is one of those ties that I bought at my early stage - when I started own career in Atlanta.
I am sure that I bought this at some outlet mall.
Because of the style and color, I could and did wear this quite often.

I am very thankful to this tie for sure… and now one fewer in the collection.
I'd better think about adding one...
Which brand? That is the question.

Another PUCCI one?
To be honest, I like that, too. But I wish I could get BRIONI one, which is DARN expensive.
Yeah, maybe I should stick to Pucci. Hahaha.

See ya!

Renewal: iPad mini case

iPad mini case got cracked. Plastic part is cracked and no longer good to use.
Today, got new combination of case and cover for my iPad mini:




With Bamboo stylus pen, Apple smart cover is green!
Plus, transparent case to support the back.
Pretty cool combination!

Too bright? Maybe so. Hahaha.

What about replacing this with new iPad mini Retina???
Not so fast.
I probably wait for another model after Retina.

So far everything is peachy with iPad mini (1st generation).

Biggest Party of the Year!

Never believe this…
Big party with colleagues from the company that I used to work for.
More than 50 people got together!

Size of party is one surprise.
Duration of the part is indeed ANOTHER!
Started at 1pm and finished at 11pm.






3rd part of the party was Karaoke place.
Ended up singing several songs myself.

For this gathering, not only Tokyo people… but also everywhere over Japan!
Many of them rid the train for several hours to Tokyo just for this.
Believe it or not, it is true!!!

Some of people I haven't met for a decade!
Surely, it was great catch-up with any of them.
So thankful to those who organize whole thing for several months.

It was fun for sure. More than simply that.