Big Shopping under Rain

Rainy weather changed our agenda for the day… but one thing never got changed.
It is a shopping at outlet shopping mall.
MoonFlower and I hadn't checked this place out for almost year.

We used to come once a while until last time. I do not know why.

Then, my shopping mood from yesterday did get carried over… and I bought even more.
Just about timing?

New pair of suits from Paul Smith. Also, neck warmer / scarf from the same brand.

This weekend became big shopping time.
I spent more than my monthly allowance.
From tomorrow on, only instand foods are my compnay. Hahaha.

New Coat for Next Winter!

There is only one unique person like me… who buys winter coat at the end of winter… precisely in March!
I did it.

Bought an Italian design brand called HERNO. Shop kept this grey one for me over week and I decided to take it.
FInally, I got new coat for myself… after how many years?
I used to put on Tsumori Chisato zip-up jacket for years… now I may look a little bit dressy with this!

Late dinner was Mexican food! Wow, love it.

Tomorrow, I may even buy more… for myself.

Finally Got Seats after 4 times of Challenge

Unproductive Month is coming to an end...

1st month without having ANY project assignment is passing by.
Time does fly, quickly.
1st time being available for any project for longer than 3 or 4 years. Not sure how I should spend time, WISELY.

Anyhow, project development is certainly underway.
Will see which one comes to realize and when to happen.
Who knows? God only knows.

Witnessed two colleagues saying goodbye to the firm.
They are transitioning to other competing firm.
Such labor liquidity is not something new. Rather, it always happens.

Such scene gave me a mixed feeling.
They found a better place to work. They take such risk.
Is that something I should consider due to current "impasse."

You might say, "such thing is only lasting for just one month, right?" - Yes, it is correct. Hahaha.

Career consultation to junior consultant took place. Dealed with two out of assigned four consutants this afternoon.
One of them who frequently travel to Hiroshima brought me a sourvenir.
Oh cool.

Since MoonFlower went out to see a play at theatre, I was quite open for supper. Alone.
Picked up soda and mixed nuts to home.
Easy dinner with drinks while watching TV.

As a result of tonight's home drinking, the bottle of Ballantine's became empty.
Had to order one for replacement.
Different and never-experienced-before brand to be chosen. "Hakushu" is next one. Ordered one at online store.

Facing Friday - oops, March is about to start. Oh boy!!!

Wow, productive and extra, etc.

Not in the office but in the cafe - I spent most of time for work…

I had serious troublesome work to do for the day.
Yeah, project archieve is my to-do then.
I do not want to anyone disturb myself whatsoever. Thus, easiest way is that I have to isolate myself from the others.

Things went very well, exactly what I aimed at. Good deal.
I did it all pretty much within today.
Very productive. Rare to happen? Hahaha.

Shopped at online mall and those were delivered today.
I found one addition to what I ordered.
Yeah, wrong quantity. One extra is added. Do not know why. Probably, human error.

Anyhow, those goods are for bathroom cleaning.
From tomorrow morning on, my chore is going to be a little be easier.

Salmon roe over the rice… bit bowl meal is the supper.
Very rich food… thanks to tax program…
"Furusato Tax" or "Home Country Tax" does allow local government rewards tax payers with gift.

Good choice, isn't it? This is perfect. Great supper!